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Who We are

We live, love and
breathe Agriculture

Originating from an intensive agricultural background, Harraz is Egypt’s prominent source of agricultural products and solutions. Harraz is a well-recognized name, specialized in the trading of agricultural supplies and solutions.

Our chairman, Mr. Abdullah Harraz, has over 35 years of experience in the Egyptian marketplace, allowing for a deeper understanding of the market’s know-how and delivering efficient solutions.

Years of

At Harraz, we care to work closely with local and international suppliers to provide all types of urban and commercial cultivations with the most updated solution and products.

Whether using our products and services for growing or retailing to growers, we promise our integrity, consistency and our continuous development to ensure easy, efficient and convenient farming.



Mohamed Abdelhamid Harraz

Our story dates back to the 19th century, when Mohamed Abdelhamid Harraz foresaw the vitality of sustainability. Growing up in Rasheed, Egypt. Harraz was inspired by the riches of the green fields in his hometown and created two branches of work for his sons and posterity to work and expand on: farming & agriculture solutions, and natural food products

Mohamed Abdelhamid Harraz’s vision and mission have been passed down for four generations. Throughout our noticeable history of constantly predicting and meeting the market’s needs, we have played an important role in the development of the practical essentials of farming.

We believe in 100% traceability for each and every product

The Purpose

Due to being a profit driven market, growers in Egypt usually face inconsistency when it comes to prices and quality, and sometimes they run into issues with the availability of the products they trust, it usually leads to inconsistent outcomes that harm their business.
This is why Harraz exists.

Our purpose is to revive urban farming and gardening in Egypt through educating and simplifying the plant’s growing cycle, It is our responsibility to not just sell products but to offer solutions that produce beneficial outcomes for all of our customers.
Our main focuses are to facilitate purchases, introduce innovations and information to the market, improve farmer experience, reach as many greenthumbs as possible and finally fill our cities with greens.


To become one of Egypt’s premium agricultural services company through introducing new solutions, making the full horticulture process an accessible one.


To listen carefully to the needs of our customers in order to provide products and services that will enable them to maximize sustainability, efficiency and profitability of their farming operations.
We have made it our mission to continuously offer information and tips, innovative solutions and practices, products and customized support to harness the perfect environment for achieving better greens, from anywhere in the world

Our mission is pre-set to align with our vision, to achieve brand success and customers’ goals of better farming and crops.

What We’re Offering


Harraz’s Social Responsibility

We believe that it is our duty to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of planting and the importance of sustainability. As part of our social responsibility activities, we work with nonprofit organizations to restore the concept of urban farming and increase greeneries in our cities.

Harraz Concept

Due to our wide range of audiences with different farming interests,we established two concepts:

Agri Trade provides supplies and services to top-end retailers, commercial farms, urban cultivations, nurseries, aqua farms and organic farms.

Farm & Garden is a concept store that is tailored towards hobbyists & home growers with an interest in growing their own crops or enhancing pre-existing gardens.