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Gold Plant – 19-19-19- 500g

140 EGP


-It is a “NPK” balanced fertilizer  19 – 19 – 19 

(Nitrogen 19 % – Phosphorous 19 % – Potassium 19 % – Zinc 9.5% – Manganese 9.5% )

Fertilizer contains the major elements needed by plants in different growth stages. It improves the photosynthesis process and is rapidly absorbed. It is used to fertilize vegetables and fruits 

Product Details/Specifications

A package  

Item Weight:  500 gm


– It is used for all field crops, citrus fruits, vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants

– Fast Dissolving Fertilizer

– Free from chlorine and heavy elements

– Has a low PH level, which increases the efficiency of absorption of elements


How to use


500 gm / 100 Liters of water

Dates of use

Spray after a month of agriculture, keep spraying every 15 days


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