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Iron 12%

70 EGP

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Iron is considered an essential element in making up chlorophyll molecules. It is composed of a lot of enzymes which are needed for the breathing of the plant along with the oxidation and reduction enzyme interaction. Finally it can treat symptoms of iron deficiency

Product Details/Specifications

Item Weight: 500gm
Country of Origin: The raw material is Spanish


  • Fast treatment of any deficiency symptoms.

  • Improves the crop’s quality which increases its selling point in the market.

  • It increases the plant’s ability to prevent diseases 

  • It improves fruit setting and increases the total amount of flowering for the plant 

  • It increases the plant’s productivity by around 20%


How to use


  • In case of ground fertilization: 20 gm / 10 liters of water

  • In case of foliar spray: 10 g / 10 liters of water

Dates of use

Spray after a month of agriculture, repeat the spray every 15 days


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