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Manganese 13%

70 EGP


Manganese is an important and necessary element for the formation of chlorophyll, although it is not included in the synthesis of chlorophyll such as iron. It is also included in the synthesis of many important enzymes that are involved in the processes of respiration and protein synthesis.

Product Details/Specifications


Item Weight: 500gm

Country of Origin: The raw material is Spanish


  • Fast treatment of any deficiency symptoms.

  • Improves the crop’s quality which increases its selling point in the market.

  • It increases the plant’s ability to prevent diseases 

  • It improves fruit setting and increases the total amount of flowering for the plant 

  • It increases the plant’s productivity by around 20%


How to use


  • In case of ground fertilization: 20 gm / 10 liters of water

  • In case of foliar spray: 10 g / 10 liters of water

Dates of use

Spray after a month of agriculture, repeat the spray every 15 days.


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