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Super Cab 500 ML

170 EGP

Brands: تكنو كير


Ca 22%  , Boron 4%  , Nutural Growth Stimulators 10%

  • Its Composition Contains Calcium And Boron In an ideal manner that allows maximum utilization and absorption of Calcium and boron together.
  • Specialized fertilizer for granting and treating some physiological diseases such as hollow heart, and brown heart in potatoes and sugar beet.
  • Calcium and boron are important in cell elongation, cell division, and increased flowering.
  • Specialized fertilizer has an important role in the hardness of plant tissues and the hardness of fruits.
  • Specialized fertilizer controls the speed of plant absorption of water and increases the plant’s resistance to drought, thirst, salinity, and high temperature.


1.25 cm / 1 liter


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