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Hydroponic Solution A + B (1 Liter Bottle)

200 EGP


Hydroponic growing means growing plants without soil, so as a result, the soil nutrients that nourishes the plant will not be present. That is what makes Hydroponic nutrient solutions necessary, as they provide the indispensable elements and minerals that the plants need to grow healthily.

While plants receive some of the nutrients they need from the air and water, the rest will need to be added from nutrient solutions. Hydroponic nutrient solutions are usually separated into two bottles in their original form, as some elements are incompatible and cannot be kept in the same bottle.

  • The two bottles contain all 16 essential and necessary elements, excellent for plant growth.

  • Use throughout all the growth stages from the seedling stage until blooming.

  • Make sure to follow the instructions of dilution and mixing.

Product Details/Specifications

Item Volume

1-Liter Bottle



How to use

Usage & Applications

Provides the essential nutrients for plant growth.

How to use Hydroponic Solutions

  • The solutions are highly concentrated, so it should be diluted with water. Make sure to never mix the solutions together before diluting one of them in water.

  • The ratio of solution to water should be 1:400, add 2.5ml of solution A to 1 liter of water then stir very thoroughly.

  • Add 2.5ml of solution B to the same 1 liter of water then stir very thoroughly.

  • Now you have prepared your plant’s food.



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