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Wood Vinegar – (250 ml)

45 EGP

Enhance your gardening and agricultural practices with our Organic Wood Vinegar. Derived from the distillation of wood during charcoal production, this natural solution offers a range of benefits for soil and plants. Ideal for use as a natural pesticide, soil conditioner, and plant growth promoter, our wood vinegar is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic chemicals. Available in various sizes to meet your needs.
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100% Natural & Bio Product
Wood vinegar, also known as pyroligneous acid, is a byproduct obtained from the distillation of wood during charcoal production. It is a dark liquid with a smoky odor and is composed of a complex mixture of organic compounds, including acetic acid, methanol, and various phenols. Wood vinegar has been traditionally used in agriculture for its beneficial effects on soil and plants, wood Vinegar consists of 200 different organic & completely harmless compounds


  • Packaging: 250 ML Bottle
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Appearance: Dark brown to black liquid.
  • Odor: Smoky and pungent.
  • Composition: Contains acetic acid, methanol, phenols, ketones, aldehydes, and esters.


  • pH Level: Typically acidic, around 3.0 – 3.7.
  • Density: Approximately 1.02 g/mL.
  • Organic Content: High concentration of organic acids and other compounds.


  • Acts as a natural pesticide
  • Improves soil structure and microbial activity
  • Promotes root growth and nutrient absorption
  • Derived from renewable resources

How to Use:

  • Dilute with water at a ratio of 1:100 to 1:500
  • Apply to soil to improve fertility
  • Spray on plant leaves to deter pests
  • Add to compost to enhance decomposition


  • Enhances soil health and structure
  • Stimulates plant growth and nutrient uptake
  • Reduces the need for synthetic chemicals
  • Versatile and eco-friendly

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Natural Pesticide: Acts as a deterrent against pests and insects.

Soil Conditioner: Improves soil structure and microbial activity.

Plant Growth Promoter: Enhances root growth and nutrient absorption.

Sustainable: Derived from natural and renewable resources.

How to use

  • Dilution: Dilute wood vinegar with water before use. Common dilution ratios are 1:100 to 1:500, depending on the application.
  • Soil Application: Mix the diluted solution into the soil to improve fertility and stimulate microbial activity.
  • Foliar Spray: Spray the diluted solution directly onto plant leaves to deter pests and promote growth.
  • Composting: Add to compost piles to accelerate decomposition and enhance nutrient content.

Why to use

Improves Soil Health: Enhances microbial activity and soil structure.

Promotes Plant Growth: Stimulates root development and increases nutrient uptake.

Eco-Friendly: Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Versatile: Suitable for use in various agricultural and gardening applications.

Natural and Organic: Provides a sustainable alternative to synthetic chemicals.

Cost-Effective: Increases plant health and yield with minimal investment.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces environmental impact by utilizing a natural byproduct.

Multi-Purpose: Can be used in multiple ways, including soil conditioning, pest control, and compost enhancement.


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