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Vermi Tea 20 KG

650 EGP

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Vermi-tea or compost tea is the result of soaking vermicompost in water while providing aeration. Useful microbes multiply in water creating a powerful liquid fertilizer that can also be sprayed on the plant to protect from air-carried diseases.

• Forms a protective layer that deters pests.
• Rich in beneficial bacteria and microbes which help the plant become healthier.
• Microbes in the tea create pores in the soil or growing medium which improves aeration and water penetration and retention.


How to use

How to use Vermi-tea

– You can use the bottle directly or place the vermi-tea in a spraying can.

– Make sure to cover both the soil and the plant in a reasonable amount.

– Be careful not to overuse or overwater with vermi-tea as the overuse can lead to negative effects.



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