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Vermicompost 5 KG

130 EGP


Vermicompost is the product of earthworms processing organic materials. It is a widely popular and extensively used natural fertilizer. Vermicompost increases nutrients needed by the plant to thrive. If your plants have ever suffered from a nutrient deficiency, vermicompost is the way to heal your plant and make it healthier.

Starting seeds can also benefit greatly from adding vermicompost, as the extra nutrients gives them a boost and promotes their growth. It is also great for potted plants, as it can be mixed with soil, cocopeat and even sand, its slow and steady supply of nutrients make it a great addition to your potting mix.

Vermicompost also helps in sustaining a healthy microbial community, full of beneficial fungi and bacteria that improve the health of the soil. It can also be used for soil amendment and improving soil structure, as it increases porosity which improves aeration, drainage and prevents compaction which is when the soil is too strong for the roots to properly grow.

Product Details/Specifications

Item Volume

5 Kg bag


  • Rich in nutrients.

  • Improves germination, plant growth and yield.

  • Enhances root growth and structure.

  • Provides the soil or growing medium with beneficial microorganisms.

  • Improves aeration, drainage and soil structure.


How to use

Usage & Applications

Vermicompost is extensively used as a fertilizer and a soil conditioner.

How to use Vermicompost

You can apply vermicompost in multiple ways:

  • Top dressing: apply the vermicompost to the topmost layer of the medium and the nutrients will make their way down and nourish the plant.

  • For Soil amendment: you mix the vermicompost all the way through the growing medium. This improves the structure of the medium in terms of aeration and drainage, and provides nutrients.

  • For seed germination/starting: place a little vermicompost around the seed and enjoy watching your seed thrive.


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