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Coco Disc 6 cm – 50 Pieces

150 EGP

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Coco Peat, also known as coconut coir, is produced from collecting the agricultural waste when harvesting coconuts. The fibers used to produce coco peat, which otherwise would have been thrown away, are treated, and then compressed into discs.

Coco discs are a great way to start your gardening adventure. They are easy, fast, and clean in comparison to other complex methods that are used for larger gardens. It is one of the best seed starting products for beginners.

  • High-grade compressed coco peat with an ideal pH for indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Has excellent drainage properties.

  • Has natural anti-fungal properties which makes it resistant to soil-borne diseases.

  • Retains water effectively.

  • Excellent cation exchange capacity which prevents leaching of nutrients.

Product Details

Package dimensions

25×13 cm

Item Weight

1.2 kg

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

How to use

  • Place the disc in a 6 cm pot.

  • Add water until the disc is fully expanded.

  • Plant the seeds.

  • Keep your container next to a sunny window and make sure to maintain the moisture.

  • Once the seeds have germinated and started to grow, you should transplant it to either a deeper container or directly into your garden.

  • Fertilize and provide nutrients for healthy growth.


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