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Coco Husk Chips 5 Kg – 55L

160 EGP


Coco coir husk chips promote growth for tropical flowers and plants. It works both indoors and outdoors, ideal for mulching and is used as a decorative ground cover that retains water and resists fungus.

You can also mix it with other growing media for better aeration, decreased soil-compaction for better root growth and improved water retention. Add into your growing system and notice the difference. Volume output of each block after expansion is up to 55 Liters. It is easy to carry and store.

Product Details

Package dimensions

30x30x15 cm

Item Weight

5 kg

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka


  • Improves aeration.

  • Reduces soil compaction for better root growth.

  • Improves water and nutrient retention.

  • Can be used as mulch on top of the soil to help retain its moisture and deter fungal growths.


How to use

  • Add water and let the chips absorb it and expand.

  • Hydrate it using clean water.

  • Soak for one night.

  • Drain and rinse the chips.

  • Break up any pieces that are too large.

  • Mix with your media of choice.


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