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Coco Peat (Srilanka) – 3 x 5Kg

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Coco peat, also known as coir pith or coir dust, is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconuts. It is an excellent growing medium for plants and is often used in gardening and horticulture as a soil amendment or a soil-less substrate

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Coco Peat, also known as coconut coir, is produced from collecting the agricultural waste when harvesting coconuts. The fibers used to produce coco peat, which would have otherwise been thrown away, are treated, and then compressed into bales. Coco peat is good for indoor and outdoor gardening, it can be used for soil amendment, hydroponic production, making potting mixes, and growing microgreens.
  • High-grade compressed coco peat with an ideal pH for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Has excellent drainage properties.
  • Has natural anti-fungal properties which makes it resistant to soil-borne diseases.
  • Retains water effectively.
  • Excellent cation exchange capacity which prevents leaching of nutrients.
  • Material: Natural coconut husk
  • pH Level: 5.5-6.5
  • Electrical Conductivity (EC): < 0.5 mS/cm
  • Moisture Retention: High water holding capacity, up to 8-9 times its weight
  • Texture: Fine, medium, or coarse
  • Pack Sizes: Available in compressed blocks, bricks, or discs

Product Details/Specifications

Package dimensions 45x30x30cm
Item Weight 15kg
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Electrical Conductivity Low (Washed)
pH 5.0 – 6.0


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm

How to Use

  • Hydration: Place the coco peat block or brick in a container and add water. Allow it to expand and rehydrate, which usually takes about 30 minutes.
  • Mixing: Once fully expanded, fluff up the coco peat to break up any clumps. It can be used alone or mixed with other growing media like perlite or vermiculite.
  • Planting: Use the hydrated coco peat as a potting mix for seeds, seedlings, or transplants. It can also be mixed with soil to improve its texture and drainage.
  • Watering: Water the plants as needed, ensuring that the coco peat remains moist but not waterlogged.


  • Eco-Friendly: Made from renewable coconut husks, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  • High Water Retention: Retains moisture well, ensuring plants receive consistent hydration.
  • Aeration: Improves soil aeration, promoting healthy root growth.
  • pH Neutral: Provides a stable growing environment with a neutral pH.
  • Nutrient Retention: Retains nutrients effectively, making them available to plants over time.
  • Resistance to Pests and Diseases: Naturally resistant to many soil-borne pests and diseases.
  • Improves Soil Structure: Enhances soil aeration and drainage when mixed with garden soil.
  • Root Health: Promotes healthy root development due to its excellent water and air holding capacity.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and hydroponic systems.
  • Reusable: Can be reused multiple times after proper treatment and sterilization.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle and transport compared to traditional soil.


  • Potting Mix: Ideal for use as a component in potting mixes for containers and indoor plants.
  • Seed Starting: Provides an optimal environment for seed germination and early seedling growth.
  • Soil Amendment: Improves the texture and moisture retention of garden soil.
  • Hydroponics: Widely used in hydroponic systems as a growing medium.
  • Mulching: Can be used as mulch to retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth.


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