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Deluxe Potting Soil 1L

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This soil mixture is provided by Harraz Farm and Garden which is enhanced by 30% of high quality plant compost. It is considered one of the best growing media for the cultivation of mature and fruitful plants, and it is one of the best solutions that you might need to increase your soil in an existing pot or to fill a larger pot when transplanting a mature plant.

This mixture is completely sufficient for your plants and their growth and allows the roots to grow, breathe and shine in the soil.

Young plants or seedlings should not be grown in this mixture due to its high content of plant compost.

Make sure you don’t add any other soil enhancers to this mixture.

The soil consists of:

1. Cocopeat 55%:

Coco Peat, also known as coconut coir, is produced from collecting the agricultural waste when harvesting coconuts. The fibers used to produce coco peat, which otherwise would have been thrown away, are treated, and then compressed into discs.

Coco discs are a great way to start your gardening adventure. They are easy, fast, and clean in comparison to other complex methods that are used for larger gardens. It is one of the best seed starting products for beginners.

– High-grade compressed coco peat with an ideal pH for indoor and outdoor plants.

– Has excellent drainage properties.

– Has natural anti-fungal properties which makes it resistant to soil-borne diseases.

– Can retain water effectively.

– Has excellent cation exchange capacity which prevents leaching of nutrients.

2. Vermiculite 10%:

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that gets heated in a special furnace, it is primarily used for improving soil quality. It is non-toxic, clean, disease-free, extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

Vermiculite improves a growing medium’s water holding capacity and improves aeration providing more oxygen for the roots. It also improves drainage which is beneficial as excess water can lead to bacterial and fungal growth. Furthermore, it reduces compaction which greatly benefits root health.

– Helps retain moisture better than perlite, leading to more robust growth.

– Improves aeration which improves the health of the roots.

– Improves drainage which removes excess water that might cause fungal growth.

– Reduces soil compaction for better root growth.

– Has a neutral pH.

– Can be mixed with other media or used alone.

3. Compost 30%: 

Many people have common misconceptions of home composting, claiming that it’s complicated, smells funny, and that it’s messy. These are only true if you disregard the proper instructions.

However, it is simple if done the right way, since it is a great way to keep your organic discards out of the waste stream and produce a soil fertilizer for your garden.

Compost from a plant source is suitable for various agricultural purposes, free from pops, diseases and weed seeds. It is a natural source of nutrients that plants need to proceed and complete their life cycle in a healthy manner.

  • A mixture of:

1- Mushroom residues which are rich in proteins and organic substances that promote plant health.

2- The remnants of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are famous for their enormous ability to fight many diseases that can infect different plants. These remnants contain large quantities of antioxidants that raise the resistance of plants, as well as enhance the health and fertility of the soil added to them.

4. Perlite 5%:

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral, it is a type of volcanic glass that is popped in ovens (like popcorn) and is used extensively in horticulture. It is non-toxic, clean, disease-free, and extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

Perlite will keep your mix loose and light. This improves aeration, drainage, the structure of your mix and reduces compaction. All these factors will make your plant healthier and more vibrant.

– Improves drainage which removes excess water that might cause fungal growth.

– Improves aeration, providing the roots with more oxygen.

– Improves soil/growing medium structure.

– Reduces soil compaction for improved root growth.

– Has a neutral pH.

– Reusable since it doesn’t decompose.

Can be mixed with other media or used alone.

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