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Grodan Rockwool Sheet – AO Plugs 50/40 Packaged

210 EGP


Rockwool is a light weight hydroponic substrate that is manufactured through heating basalt and chalk at a very high temperature, the liquid is then spun into threads and compressed into wool packets. The product is then cut into slabs, blocks or plugs. Grodan Rockwool Sheets are easy to use and promote a healthy plant life.

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Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 5 cm


  • Rockwool is a widely used substrate in horticulture for the production of plants as varied as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers and strawberries.

  • Great to use for germinating any seeds or and good for starting your cuttings.

  • Highly absorbent of nutrient solutions and retaining oxygen for rapid plant growth.

  • Plugs have a tapered bottom for improved transplanting.

  • V-shape design of the plugs deters root entanglement.

How to use

  1. Make sure to place the rockwool on a flat surface to prevent concentrated pockets of moisture. 

  2. Wear a dust mask when handling any product made of rockwool as inhaling the fibers is dangerous for your lungs. 

  3. Fully wet the substrate before use, the rockwool should be fully saturated with water before use then left to drain. 

  4. Several cuts and holes are needed on top of each cube to be able to add the seeds.

  5. Place the seeds.

  6. Seal the rockwool over it to create a humid environment for the seeds

  7. Water your plant using a hydroponic nutrient solution. 

  8. Common mistakes made with rockwool is overwatering, make sure to study the level of nutrient flow and the schedule of watering. 

  9. You can transplant your plant into soil if you want once they reach a height of 5 to 7 cm.



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