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DIY HydroKit 15 L

1,500 EGP

Available on backorder


Harraz’s Hydro Kit enables you to start growing your own food at home. It is easy to assemble, set-up, use and is suitable for a wide variety of plants. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil while the plants receive the essential nutrients through a specially prepared solution.

Growing hydroponically allows those without gardens to grow food inside their homes very easily. Plants grown hydroponically grow approximately 30 percent faster and produce a higher yield. Plug in and start growing your own healthy veggies with Harraz.

This kit includes:

  • Pump and essential accessories

  • Net pots suitable for any kind of hydroponic growing medium, promoting bigger healthier roots and excellent drainage

  • Hydroponic growing medium suitable for a wide range of plants.

  • Nutrient solution providing the plants with all the necessary elements, minerals, and nutrients for a strong healthy growth

  • Instructions for assembly


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