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HydroKit NFT – 15 Plants

5,250 EGP

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At Harraz Farm & Garden we encourage growing herbs and vegetables at home. Excluding most fruits and tree growing crops, there are hundreds of different herbs and fast-growing vegetables that you can watch evolve from a seed to your salad bowl. With minimal care, it can take 2-3 months to bring your favorite greens to your table. With extra care, that time period could be reduced to just a few weeks. 

With this system, you will not only start growing food today, but you will also learn about the different types of plants and successful growing methods and tips. We have enclosed a few tips and methods in this manual to ensure convenient and successful handling and results.

Why Hydroponics?

Hydroponics means in less space, grow more plants and harvest more yield! 

Hydroponics means saving up to at least 90% of water usage for each plant!! 

Hydroponics means less things that can mess with your plant, many pests are carried in the soil, so growing without it gives you a more hygienic growing system with fewer problems & diseases. 

Hydroponics by definition is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution, it is a soil-less growing method, instead of using soil, the root system is supported by using an inert medium such as Rock Wool (there are other growing media to be used), and the roots are submerged in water rich with the needed nutrients. 

No Soil?

In order for plants to grow, a process called photosynthesis is needed, the plant uses sunlight and chlorophyll which is inside their leaves, to convert carbon dioxide and water into Glucose and oxygen 

Equation: 6CO2 + 6H2O —> C6H12O6 + 6O2

Soil is not mentioned at all in the above equation, then it’s not really essential to any part of the growing process, what the plant really needs is Air, Water, Sun and Nutrients.

Types of Hydroponics

There are various types of hydroponics:

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems.
  • Nutrient film technique (NFT) system.
  • Dutch bucket.
  • Dripping systems.

In this manual we will discuss the Nutrient film technique (NFT) system.  Please refer to this manual for a comprehensive description of all the included items and the needed steps for a successful growing experience.

This System Includes:

  • Adjustable metal body:
  1. 9 metals (65 cm)
  2. 4 metals (85 cm)
  3. 4 wheels
  4. Nails
  • 1 Water Reservoir 50L + Reflective Aluminum
  • 1 NFT15 Chasis – 3 long plastic tubes with 5 holes per tube + 3 short tubes + 3 elbows
  • Main irrigation hoses 
  • 30 Hydroponic Net Pots
  • 24 Agricultural Rock Wool Cubes 4X4 cm
  • 1 Water Pump
  • 2 Premium Types of Seeds
  • Hydro Solution A + Hydro Solution B (1L + 1L)
  • PH Down (250 ml)
  • 2 Syringes (10ml) (50ml) 


Add ONs:

  • PH Meter (Need to buy)
  • EC Meter (Need to buy)
  • Sprayer (Need to Buy): EGP “Price is subject to size and quality”
  • Thin Scissor: “Price is subject to type”

Note: Please read about each plant type that you are growing hydroponically

You Need to Have:

  • A sunny spot with full sun exposure at least 5-6 hours a day.
  1. Indoors setup might slow plant growth due to lack of sunlight.
  2. Outdoors setup might need some shade during hot summer days.
  • A power plug nearby to connect the water pump for irrigation.
  • A notebook to track growth progress, record learning lessons and schedule seedlings.
  • A watering can or a plastic can to adjust your water’s EC, PH and to add water to reservoir.


Description of items:

  • The Metal Body: The body is adjustable. The top of the body has 2 metals for the width, 2 metals for the length. The bottom has 2 metals for the width, an extra 1 metal to hold the reservoir, 2 metals or the length and 4 wheels. The height has 4 metals. (Nails included).
    • Water Reservoir: A 50-liter plastic box with cover. This reservoir acts as the plants’ habitat, water and nutrients source. Please note: The box cannot be transparent to prevent the formation of algae, so it must be covered with reflective aluminum.
    • Hydroponic Tubes:  Each long tube has 3 holes and is connected to the short tube with an elbow and into the reservoir. These plastic tubes are responsible for the drainage of the nutrient filled water from the cups back to the reservoir. 
    • Hoses: A vertical hose that delivers water from the reservoir to the main hose then branched into thinner hoses connected to each tube which are responsible for the plant’s irrigation. 
  • Net Pot: Small plastic cups designed to nurture roots when using hydroponic planting.
  • Rockwool: Natural material made from volcanic basalt. It has high water retention and great aeration for the roots, so it is the easiest and the most convenient growing medium. It is used to germinate the seeds in and then gets transferred into the system.
    • Water Pump: Responsible for pumping the nutrient filled water to the roots of the plants. It keeps the flow of the water throughout the system, preventing roots from dying.
    • Premium Seeds: We have a wide selection of seasonal premium seeds that you can choose from.
  • Hydro Solution: Hydroponic Solution acts as food for the plants. It consists of the minerals that are needed for the growth of any plant. The minerals are adjusted according to plant type and the EC levels required. It comes as an A & B solution: A is added, then stirred well, then B is added. Our hydro solution is one of the best in the market with a high scale output: every 2.5 ml of solution serves 1 liter of water and increases the EC by (1.2-1.8).
  • PH Down: Nitric acid is used to adjust the PH of the water to the suitable PH level required. Plants usually prefer a PH range between 5.5 to 7.
  • Syringe: Syringe to scale the nitric acid and hydro solution by milli liters



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