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Mancoppral (750 gm)

150 EGP

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Mancoppral is a fungal compound that consists of several compounds, so it has a strong effect on fungal infections and is also a nutrient for plants.

The main substance in Mancoppral is “copper oxychloride” and it is known for its resistance to many types of fungi such as mildew fungi. Also, copper is among the elements that the plant feeds on.

Product Details/Specifications


The net weight is 750 grams

Country of origin: Egypt


  • Mancoppral is used as a general tonic for the plant and it increases its immunity and resistance to internal and external fungi of plant tissues because it contains copper.

  • It contains substances that help form all plant hormones

  • It is used to resist fungal diseases

  • It helps prevent the spread of fungal diseases in various parts of the plant

  • Mancoppral is used to sterilize planting tools and sterilize agricultural soil before the start of cultivation to avoid fungal infection in the future.

  • The seeds are soaked in the Mancoppral solution before planting to obtain a healthy plant free from fungal infections.


How to use


  • Use 15 grams / 1 liter of water in case of fungal infection and sterilization

  • A rate of 1 gram / 1 liter of water is used if the seeds are soaked before planting

Dates of use

Mancoppral is used when any fungal infections appear on the plant, such as powdery mildew or downy mildew


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