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Insecticidal Soap – Potassi Soap (250 ml)

50 EGP


Natural organic liquid 100%

It is a formulation for agricultural use that contains fatty acids (48%), specially selected to use for spraying plant leaves to resist many plant insects such as white fly, aphids, spiders, thrips, micro bugs, grasshoppers, bugs, and leafhopper.

Product Details/Specifications

Package:  Bottle

Net Weight : 250 ml

Country of origin: Egypt


  • Has a moisturizing and a soothing effect on the plant and it cleans the leaves of the plant to enhance the photosynthesis process.

  • It plays a very important role in cleaning the residues of secretions and pollutants that insects and fungi leave on the plant.

  • It resists and treats pests and insects, white fly, aphids and red spiders.

  • It acts as a diffuser when added with pesticides, whether insecticides or fungi.

  • It reduces the surface tension on the leaves and thus, does not allow the presence of pests on the plant body.


How to use


It is mixed with water at a ratio of 5 cm per liter

Dates of use

The plant is sprayed with a foliar sprayer so that the plant is completely covered in all respects with the solution and the process is repeated according to the severity of the injury.


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