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Coco Fiber Pot 12 cm

40 EGP


Coco fiber pots are an excellent, durable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots. They are made from fiber, extracted from coconut husks. Their many benefits include direct transplantation, which means that the pot along with the plant can be placed directly in your garden without removing the plant; this protects the roots and saves the plant from transplant shock, with the pot dissolving into its surroundings after some time. The pot’s porosity allows aerial root-pruning which encourages healthier root growth and balances the moisture of the soil/growing-media.

  • Eco-friendly as opposed to plastic pots

  • Biodegradable, natural, and organic

  • Can be placed directly into the soil at the desired time saving your plant from transplant shock

  • Aerial root pruning

  • Balances moisture

  • Free from harmful substances

  • Lightweight

How to use

  • Place your growing mix in the pot.

  • Plant the seeds/seedlings.

  • Transplant the pot into your garden when you need to, no plant removal necessary as the pot dissolves when placed in soil after sometime.


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