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Microgreens Tray

75 EGP

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Designed and produced with microgreen production in mind, these microgreens trays are made from plastic and will stand up to repeated use. They are the same length and width as germination trays and most importantly are netted from the bottom.

Trays with netted holes and trays without netted holes serve two different purposes. Trays with holes allow for water drainage. Trays without holes don’t allow for any water drainage and will actually hold all of the water within the tray.

It is recommend to use trays with holes for microgreen cultivation. Here’s why:

  1. If your growing medium becomes fully saturated, the water is going to have nowhere to go. In this case, the roots of your plants are going to be sitting in this closed water-logged environment.

  2. They’re going to be deprived of oxygen, and you’re going to run into certain problems that often come along with over watering, such as mold, fungus, and damping off.

Size: 50×25 cm


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