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Rockwool Seedling Tray

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Rockwool seedling tray is a tray specially designed for the planting of seedlings and will stand up to repeated use. It takes a whole sheet of rockwool to help you utilize space efficiently by separating the seeds while allowing you to plant them as close to each other as possible.

Rockwool seedling tray has no holes, so that it holds water and be able to submerge the rockwool sheet inside it.

How to use

  • Place the rockwool tray on a flat surface.

  • Add the rockwool sheet into the tray after filling it with water.

  • Keep it submerged in water until the rockwool sheet absorbs most of it.

  • Make a hole in each cube and add a seed or two in each hole.

  • Cover it afterwards to keep the seeds humid inside the hole.

  • Moisten the sheet again if it’s not totally wet. 

  • Once its height reaches around 5 to 10cm, put the rockwool cube into a new pot, into the ground or any hydroponic system and continue to let the plant grow.


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