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Cultivated Rocket – 500 Grams

475 EGP

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Sativa Seeds from Italy  (GMO-FREE DECLARATION )

Rocket Cultivated is perfect for the baby leaf market. Rocket Cultivated is an easy and fast-growing leaf herb to include in your garden, it produces fast balanced, pungent dark green leaves.

One of the most appreciated leaf herbs in Italian cuisine and it’s suitable for year-round cultivation.

It is used in sandwiches and mixed in salads with other greens. Rocket Cultivated thrives in cooler temperatures.


– Relieves constipation

– Fights cancer

– Cleans the colon

– Promotes health digestion

– Prevents atherosclerosis

– Reduces cholesterol

– Protects the kidney

– Maintains a healthy skin

– Fights inflammation

– Helps with weight loss

– Reduces the risk of heart disease

– Prevents obesity

– Prevents osteoporosis

– Increases fluid intake

– Promotes a healthy pregnancy

– Prevents anemia

– Alleviates stress and relaxes muscles

– Boosts the immune system

– Maintains a healthy vision

– Maintains a healthy metabolism rate

– Helps in preventing scurvy

– Helps in preventing Alzheimer

– Promotes sexual desire

– Prevents ulcer

– Promotes healthy hair

– Protects the liver

Growing Guidelines

– Days to Maturity: 43 days

– Hardiness Zone: Between 5: 9

– Planting Depth: 1 cm

– Plant Spacing: 15 cm: 30.5 cm

– Soil Preference: 70% Cocopeat 10% Vermiculite 5% Perlite 15% Plant Compost.

– Temp Preference: Cool (10ºC-18ºC)

– Light Preference: Full sun (12-18 hours ideally, but can tolerate 8-10 hours)

– pH Range: 6.0:7.5

– EC: 0.8:1.2 MS

– TDS: 400:600 PPM

– Color: Green

– Prepare your soil mix and put your seeds at 1 cm depth

– Spray the seeds and cover them with a plastic case to accelerate the germination process, don’t forget to make holes in the plastic case for the seeds to breathe. Germination takes between 5 to 10 days.

– It grows well in containers filled with moist yet well-draining soil for the best-flavored greens.

– In warmer climates, such as zones 8+, you should plant in Fall rather than in Spring. 

– If you sow a row or section every 2 to 3 weeks you can get a continuous crop by dispersing the seeds evenly to grow a bed of tender leaves.



– Wild rocket is a cut-and-come again plant that you can keep harvesting as leaves mature.

– Stop harvesting the leaves once the plant flowers or they will become bitter-tasting.

– If wild rocket wilts after harvest, submerge it in lukewarm water for 60 seconds, then submerge it in ice water. It will become crispy after that.



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