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Slow Bolting Coriander – 1 Kg

400 EGP


Sativa Seeds from Italy (GMO-FREE DECLARATION)

Also known as “Cilantro”, this herb is an aromatic plant with bright green leaves that are used fresh in salads or cooked in soups and sauces. The dried seeds of slow bolting coriander are used whole or ground as a flavor in both sweet and savory dishes. Coriander has medicinal uses as well.

Coriander is not a hard crop to cultivate since it grows easily, especially in hot conditions. This type is slow to bolt which minimizes the potential for crop failure and can be grown all year round. It reaches a height of 50 cm.

General Info

Coriander is part of the Apiaceae family, and it adds a unique flavor to many foods, crossing international barriers of cuisine. Coriander is a herb commonly used to flavor international dishes.

The seeds of the plant lend flavor to dishes as well as the leaves and it is often used as a salt replacement. Coriander looks similar to flat parsley and is sometimes referred to as “Chinese parsley.”



  • Helps reduce blood sugar

  • Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants

  • Benefits heart health, coriander may reduce the conversion factors of heart disease, high blood pressure and levels of bad cholesterol

  • Coriander extract acts as a diuretic, helping your body get rid of excess sodium and water. This may lower your blood pressure

  • Protecting Brain Health, including Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Insomnia, and Coriander’s anti-insomnia properties may protect against these diseases.

  • Promote the health of the digestive system and intestines

  • Fight insomnia

  • Helps in combating some types of infections and transmitted diseases.

Growing Guidelines

  • Days to Maturity: 50-55 Days

  • Hardiness Zone: Between 3 to 11 

  • Planting Depth: 2 cm 

  • Plant Spacing: 20 cm: 50 cm

  • Soil Preference: 70% Cocopeat 10% Vermiculite 5% Perlite 15% Plant Compost 

  • Temp Preference: Warmer (Temp: 10ºC to 29ºC) 

  • Pot Size: 12cm: 30 cm     

  • Light Preference: Full sun or light shade (14-18 hours)

  • pH Range: 6.5-7.5

  • EC/PPM: 0.8-1.8 / 400-900

  • Color: Green with white or pink flowers 

  • Flavor: Fresh spice and citrusy

  1. Prepare your soil mix and put your seeds at 2 cm depth.

  2. Spray the seeds and cover them with a plastic case to accelerate the germination process, don’t forget to make holes in the plastic case for the seeds to breathe. Germination takes around 5-15 days.

  3. Seeds will ripen in August/September.

  4. The way to successfully continue coriander’s growth is to sow seeds continuously in the spring and fall. 

  5. Water the young plants consistently for best growth.

  6. Avoid overwatering of plants.



  1. Harvest the coriander leaves by cutting it frequently for controlled and continuous growth.

  2. If bolting is triggered, trim the bolts and adjust the environmental conditions. Be aware that the flavor of the greens becomes more bitter and harsh once the plant has bolted. 

  3. This plant can be harvested within 55 days from the time the seeds are planted.



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