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Red Sango Radish Microgreens Seeds – 1 KG

1,500 EGP


Sativa Seeds from Italy (GMO FREE DECLARATION)

Radish microgreens are packed with nutritional anti-inflammatory benefits, which reduces swelling and pain in the body, natural diuretic which can aid in reducing blood pressure and helps detoxify and cleanse the body.

Sango radish is fast and easy to grow. The microgreen is substantial and very crunchy. Due to its fast growth, it can be harvested as early as 6 days, assuming you have exposed it to light on day 3.

General Info

  • The same seed that becomes a radish bulb creates the radish microgreen. You can grow radish microgreens from any variety of edible radish. It isn’t that microgreens are grown from special seeds, it’s that microgreens are grown in a special way that differs from how you’d plant radishes in your garden.

  • The beauty of the radish microgreen is that you can get that same peppery radish punch, in the form of a delicate and crunchy tiny plant.

  • The radish microgreen is tiny, packed with more vitamins and minerals than the same amount of radish bulb. Radish microgreens aren’t intended to substitute the radish bulb, they just offer another way to add flavor, texture, color, nutrition, and fun to your meal.

Growing Guidelines

– Pre-soaking: It needs pre-soaking in chilly water. (No less than 2 hours and no more than 8 hours)

– Growing Methods: Hydroponic and soil

– Darkness: Needs darkness during the germination period

– Darkening Period: 72 hours

– Germination Time: 2 to 5 days

– Estimated Time to Harvest: 7:12 days

1- Empty the growing media into the planting container until you fill most of the black part. (Preferably a mixture of cocopeat and vermiculite with a ratio of 90:10) then use the sprayer to make it very wet.

2- Soak 1 pack of seeds for several hours (2-8 hours), then clean them from the soaking water and use a spoon to distribute evenly on the growing media.

3- Spread the seeds to cover most of the growing media, leaving 1 cm from the edges of the container, for aeration, watering and also to easily cut your greens later.

4- Try to make very small spaces (0.5 mm) between the seeds with a toothpick (for aeration).

5- Spray the box with water until everything is very wet, including the inside of the cover, to create a humid environment.

6- Put the container in a very dark area for at least 48 hours

7- After 48 hours, remove the cover to let the oxygen in and check the length of your greens then spray with water if needed.

8- When the seeds complete germination and sprout, put the cover upside down on top of the tiny plants for an additional 24 hours. To keep the cover secure, put a small weight on top of the cover.

9- It is preferable to leave them in the dark until the sprouts push the cover upwards as they grow. The sprouts will stretch upward in search of the sun or the light, this strengthens them and makes them more nutritious and easier to harvest when they are longer than the edge of the container.

10- Remove the cover and take into consideration that the container must be placed in a bright place until its color turns green through the process of photosynthesis.

11- Keep an eye on the water, always make sure the media is completely wet, but not submerged in water.

12- Start harvesting when your leaves are tall and green enough (about the length of your small finger or they are 5-10 cm high)

13- Use thin scissors to cut your needed amount of greens, harvest right above the growing medium and add to your delicious meals, it is possible to harvest daily until the microgreens run out and the process is repeated again after cleaning the box.


Important Tips

– Follow up on the water and make sure that the soil does not dry out before the buds appear and make sure that it is dark for at least 48 hours.

– After the appearance of sprouts, irrigation is reduced to minimal amounts, only keeping the soil wet and not submerged.

– In some cases, the beginnings of rot may appear at the stem level of the sprouts, which means that the sprouts need more aeration, and the seeds were put very close together.

– The solution is very easy, oxygen water is bought from the pharmacy and diluted with spray water, once sprayed, the oxygen will disappear and vaporize, and it becomes plain water. This white fungus is harmless and is easily treated.

– On some winter days, the growth of greens may be a little slow, as well as the germination, so the seeds can be left in a place, for almost 72 hours instead of 48 hours.



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