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Kale Pink Kohlrabi – 2 Grams

45 EGP


Sativa Seeds from Italy (GMO FREE DECLARATION)

Kohlrabi is a member of the Brassicaceae (also known as Cruciferae) family. That versatile group of vegetables that includes kale, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, pak choy, cauliflower, turnips, radishes, horseradish, mustard, arugula and rapeseed (aka, canola).

Kohlrabi comes in two varieties: one is a deep pink and color the other is vibrant green. Both have pale green to white flesh. The kohlrabi bulb should be firm, if leaves are still attached, they should be sprightly, green and free of wilt or mold.

It is also an excellent source of Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Folate


– Pink Kohlrabi is a nutrient-dense vegetable. Just like other vegetables, Kohlrabi is rich in fiber.

– Fiber is excellent for digestion. Any vegetable that is low in calories and high in fiber is recommended for weight loss because it will promote satiety.

– Kohlrabi also comes packed with iron which helps with blood health and prevents anemia.

Growing Guidelines

– Days to Maturity: 50 days

– Germination Days: 5 – 10 days

– Planting Depth: 2 cm

– Plant Spacing: 20 cm: 50 cm

– Temp Preference: Cool (10ºC to 25ºC)

– Light Preference: Full sun (12-18 hours)

– pH Range: 6.0-7.5

– EC: 1.8 to 3.0

– TDS: 800:1250 PPM

– Soil Preference: 70% Cocopeat 10% Vermiculite 5% Perlite 15% Plant Compost.

– Color: Vibrant pink 

– Flavor: A strong broccoli and cabbage flavor

  1. Prepare your soil mix and put your seeds at 1 cm depth.

  2. Spray the seeds and cover them with a plastic case to accelerate the germination process, don’t forget to make holes in the plastic case for the seeds to breathe. Germination takes around 5 to 10 days.



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