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EC Testing kit ADWA – AD32

2,600 EGP


A device for measuring the amount of dissolved solids in water and electrical conductivity, which indicates the availability of important nutrients for the plant.

Therefore it is one of the most important devices used while growing and it is one of the best devices to show the salinity of agricultural soil or any aqueous solutions

Product Details

1 Piece

Contents of the box: measuring device, usage catalog of the device

Country of Origin: Romania – European Union


  • Digital screen

  • Easy to use

  • Waterproof

  • It contains a thermometer sensor to measure the temperature of the liquid

  • Powerful battery lasts for 3 years

It is widely used in homes, laboratories and hydroponic and aquaponic cultures


How to use

First: The device head is removed, the battery cover is removed, then the battery is removed and reinstalled

Second: The device is switched on by pressing the ON button and holding it for a while

Third: The device uses two measurement units, which are the electrical conductivity capacity of the dissolved elements, symbolized by EC

The other is the amount of heavy elements dissolved in the water, symbolized by TDS, and the two have the same functions to know the amount of salts and elements dissolved in the water and are they sufficient to feed the plant or not

Each cultivar of the plant has a specific range of the amount of dissolved elements in the water

Carefully read the operating instructions supplied with the device before using it



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