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Thermometer and Hygrometer – Small – Without Probe

90 EGP

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You must keep up with the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse or garden to provide the best care for your plants. Now you get both tools in one, a thermometer for measuring temperatures and a hygrometer for measuring humidity. High levels of humidity can be detrimental to a plant’s health by encouraging the build-up of fungal plant disease and when the conditions are too dry plant growth slows down.

By monitoring the humidity with a digital hygrometer, you can ensure timely ventilation is in place and ensure healthy growth. Furthermore, some plants require certain temperatures to thrive in, that is why it is necessary to track the temperature and act accordingly.


  • Monitors the temperature of your garden or greenhouse for better care.

  • Monitors the humidity to stave off fungal disease and improve plant growth.

  • It is able to provide the utmost care for your greenhouse or garden.

  • Each plant has its own preferable conditions.


How to use

The device is very simple to use and read, simply charge it and turn it on. Then monitor the conditions and alter them according to your plant’s preferences.


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