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1 Type Starter Kit

100 EGP


There is no better way to start your gardening journey than using the Harraz Starter Kit. With this kit you will have everything you need to start growing your own fresh ingredients for cooking or snacking at home.

We’ve left nothing out. This kit includes five biodegradable coco fiber pots, five coco discs that expand when watered, and the seeds for your plant of choice. Plus, full sowing and growing tips. Grow your own nourishing and healthy delights at home, have them fresh from your mini-garden to your plate!

  • 5 Coco Fiber pots with a diameter of 6 cm (Eco-friendly and bio-degradable)

  • 5 Coco Peat discs to grow the plants in, with a diameter of 4 cm

  • Seeds for one plant of your choice; you can choose from: Kale, Basil, Rocket, Wild Rocket, Coriander, Parsley, and Lettuce

Additional information

Choice of Seeds

Basil Tuscan, Cabbage Pak Choi, Celery Tall Utah, Chives Chinese, Chives Cipollina, Coriander Slow Bolting, Dill, Kale Pink kohlrabi, Kurly Kale Green, Lettuce Cortese, Lettuce Maribor, Luxor Basil, Mizuna Green, Parsley Moss Curled 2, Red Cabbage, Rocket Cultivated, Spinach Baby Leaf, Spinach Early 7 F1, Spinach Emilia F1, Sprouting Broccoli Calabrese Early, Thyme, Tuscan Kale Green, Wild Rocket

How to use

  • Place a coco disc in a coco fiber pot.

  • Add water until the disc is fully expanded and it forms a soil-like mix.

  • Mix the vermiculite with the soil

  • Plant the seeds 1 cm deep

  • Study your plant’s needs in terms of watering and sunlight, then act accordingly.

  • Have fun preparing dishes with YOUR OWN CROP!


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